The Birds

The Enchanted Mountain Challenge

Rich with history, full of mystery

When does the adventure begin?

The 1st annual Enchanted Mountain Challenge will start on Saturday, May 28, 2022 and run through September 4, 2022.

Pre-register by May 1, 2022 to get your FREE welcome packet in the mail!


Brainpower and teamwork might just be the key to solving this mystery! Or maybe you have the skills to solve it alone.... No matter what, this will be an experience to remember!!

Invite friends and family to join you as you discover the countryside and solve mind blowing riddles.

A couples weekend you'll never forget

Spark your creativity and romance with our Couples Weekend Adventure Package!!!

Focus only on each other and the mystery, because we have your luxury overnight accommodations, breakfast for each day, entry fees for the challenge all set up for you.

Local foods and Drinks

Our region is known for its incredible food and drinks. You can get fueled up at dozens of restaurants and bars in the Ellicottville and Franklinville, New York area.

There will be plenty of spirits to go around while youre celebrating discovering each clue!

The Juniors Challenge

What's better than fresh air and the excitement of your children when they've accomplished something special? Our Juniors Challenge is meant to inspire! Watch as creativity and adventure explode while the little ones get outside and tackle challenges which will have them solving riddles, puzzles and clues that will lead to an amazing treasure!