Silkie Chicks

Add some fluffy balls of cuteness to your coop

India Blue Peacocks

These beautiful birds are an amazing addition to your farm

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

These wonderful animals make outstanding pets.. And even better goat milk!

Fertilized Peacock Eggs

Incubate and raise your own peachicks!

Fertilized Silkie Eggs

Bearded and non-bearded, satin or fluffy, what will you hatch?

Fertilized Polish Eggs

One of the neatest looking birds you can add to your flock!

Free Range Eating Eggs

Fresh air and sunshine are some of the secret ingredients to our outstanding eggs!

Thanksgiving Turkeys

Upgrade your holiday and table with a fresh, free range and local turkey!

Free Range Chickens

Humanely raised, fresh and free range!

Fresh Pork

Humanely raised and butchered to your specifications!

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